Best Chirstmas Gift With Sodexo

I always wanted to make my mother happy. This year she’s been through a lot. She had to undergo one of the crucial surgeries last March, and at that time I just transferred to a new company so I was still on probationary period.


I had no medical benefits for my dependents yet so I had to shoulder my mother”s medical expenses. It was really hard but I can’t believe I made it through.


I think this is the best example of what they say that, “You can do everything as long as you are with God”.

Though I’m still struggling financially, I always make sure to provide financial support to my family in province even though after my mother’s recovery.

And yes, Christmas season is really fast approaching so I am thinking of the best gift idea this Christmas. Things do change, isn’t it? Back then, I was the one who’s expecting to receive a present but now I want to be the one to give a present.

The best gift idea I can think of is a shopping spree for my mother. She almost never buy anything for herself so I wanted to treat her without worrying about paying for it. GC regalo Sodexo gift certificate would totally be perfect for a shopping spree because it is very versatile and can be used in almost every best stores in the Philippines. That would totally be a hassle-free shopping spree!

How about you? What is your best Christmas gift idea?