The Herbs, Taste and Style: Cheese Mookata Buffet in Banawe

Aside from Filipino cuisine have you eaten japanese food? Korean? And the likes without visiting their countries? I guess yes especially nowadays there are may restaurants offers different variety of foods, others says you dont need to go to other country/places just to taste their foods. Yes that’s true in so many ways.

A buffet + a variety of food = ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Together my Vulb Production family, Mei, Grachelle and Misadventures of Frapao, we visited another buffet restaurants that…

The Nest Taguig: Eat, Shop and Enjoy

Who doesn’t want to eat? None, right? Because it is our comfort zone, correct me if I’m wrong but we all know many of us spend money to eat, and I am personally guilty of that.
Nowadays, different concepts of restaurants are showing up just to please your eye and fill your empty stomach at the same time.

The Nest Taguig

To date, one concept that has been starting to rise with a new twist is a food park,…

The Pig in the Sea: Newest Restaurant in BF Homes Perfect for Millenials

Normally, we are visiting restaurants and food parks in the North area of Metro Manila, but last month we visited the probably one of the best restaurants in the South, called The Pig in the Sea.

The Pig in the Sea

Yes, you heard it read it right. From the word itself you can imagine literally a pig swimming in the sea or at the shore like at Bahamas because I myself do, but let’s not take it literall,y though surely…