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A Letter to Mother

What is a mother to you? Isn’t it she represents a true angel in this world? A true martyr and a hero. We all know being a mother is the hardest job in this world.

24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
30 days a month and
12 months a year.

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No double pay, no overtime pay, no holiday bonuses or even 13th month pay.

The day we were born or the day a mother gave birth is the day she felt…


The difference between a Leader and a Boss

Have you questioned your supervisor in work why he or she is put in that position? Tired of him or her questioning of his or her leadership? Or keep on asking,  “Is he or she really a good boss?” “Does he or she have what it takes to be a good leader?”

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Those are the things I always hear from my friends when I ask them about their superior. But do they really have reasons to question the…

What it feels like to live Metro Manila

Are you planning to live in Metro Manila for work? Here are tips for you and a few simple things of what you can expect.

I came from the small City of Olongapo and decided to try my luck to work in Makati. It’s been almost 3 years since then. I changed and experienced a lot, though the culture is somehow the same with my place, it has a different approach. Remember, plenty of the people in Metro Manila are…