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Year of the Red Fire Rooster! Gong Xi Fa Cai

Everybody is celebrating New Year! It represents new cycle or new beginning in life, but still it depends on your perspective, but one thing is for sure we are all preparing for this occasion in every part of the world. We might have differences when it comes to cultures and traditions but it is what it is.

This year we were able to celebrate Chinese New Year in the oldest Chinatown in the world: Binondo. It is definitely a one…

New Year, New Adventures: Geraldventures

Last year I was thinking about new challenges until I found myself searching about hiking and the likes. But nah, I said it before that I wouldn’t try hiking it’s too tiring and I have a very careless but adventurous girlfriend haha!

Days after celebrating and welcoming 2017, I met some people who are into hiking and I insisted to join their next hike, All of a sudden I am already part of the group and they’re planning for their…

Tagaytay: A Short Trip

From our supposed Palawan adventures to Tagaytay staycation, to celebrate our 7th anniversary.

Yes we cancelled our Palawan adventures because of my work (yeah work sucks). We had the bookings, itinerary and other stuff prepared for our Palawan escapade before things happened and we cant do anything but to let it go.

I felt bad about it to the point that I started to think about filing for resignation but then I realized it’s my main source of income. Haha. Anyway,…