Sachi: A Taste of Authenticity

I am fond of Japanase cuisine since before. I think it started when I was in grade school, watching Japanese anime like Naruto. He loves ramen and it intrigues me how it tastes like. Since then, I have been wanting to taste authentic Japanese food.

Plenty of restaurants nowadays offer different cuisines: from western to eastern, and more, that you won’t need to go to different countries just to taste their food. Though I think it’s a different story when you are given a chance to visit a country and try their food and delicacies there.

I have never been to Japan and no plans of going anytime soon, but maybe next time and if God permits. After moving here in Metro Manila, I have tried different Japanese restaurants, fastfood and even a street food stall that offers Japanese cuisine and I can say it is changing every now and then.

Last time, Mei and I went to a Araneta Center in Cubao and saw this Japanese restaurant called Sachi. Since it’s about lunch time we decided to dine in there.

We first tried this Volcano Roll and California Maki.

This is very delicious, honestly, I have never tasted this kind of food before. It’s very different, the consistency of the taste, the crunchiness from the outside and the softness and meltness on the inside. Take note, you need to eat this in one whole piece in just one bite to fully enjoy it.

We also tried this Sushi and Sashimi platter: it has tamago, kani, ebi, ika, maguro shiake uni, and they are all fresh and raw.

Did you know the difference between Sushi and Sachimi? Sashimi is basically a sliced raw meat into thin pieces like salmon, tuna, etc., while sushi is prepared vinegared rice, usually with some sugar and salt, combined with variety of ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and sometimes fruits.

I have never tried raw foods in my life before and it is a must try. The feeling of eating this cuisine is like knowing their culture more and their way of living

The next is Yakisoba and you will love it, I can tell you.

And also this tempura, I can eat this all day.

Lastly this Ramen, the Naruto feels came out of nowhere. It is different and by far the best ramen I have tasted in my whole life.

Aside from their Japanese dishes, Sachi also serves Singaporean food from the menu of Rasa – a restaurant in Araneta Coliseum Circle that has since closed down.

We also tried their Laksa. I never imagine this taste was full of spices.

First, this Crispy squid, the crunchness is different from the other, the mixed of sweet and spicy taste made it more interesting

And also Singaporean cuisine is not complete if there’s no Haianese chicken, a world famous authenctic poached white chicken.

Also I tried for the first time this best-selling flat noodles, Beef kwey teow .

This Garlic chili spareribs caught my eyes, it’s tenderness, juiciness and some spices was very superb.


Clearly you will never regret when you dine here. Whether you’re going out with your special someone or celebrating your team’s victory, Sachi will surely satisfy your cravings and matched the festive mood with their authentic Japanese food.

Sachi means happiness and good luck. I think I know why and you should know it too, from the word itself they know what you will feel when you dine here.


You can visit Sachi Restaurant at Coliseum Circle, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. They are open from 11AM to 10PM.