The Unexpected Adventure: Twin Hike

The sun is about to set and the darkness is slowly covering the sky.

At around 6 o clock in the evening, a heavy rain started to pour, but that’s usual considering the fact that it is rainy season in the Philippines. The thing is I, Mr. Michael, his wife, Mr. Ronald and Kuya Sonny (our tour guide) are in the middle of trekking the Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba/Maynuba, and I know that’s crazy.

Let me start again what happened.

After surviving Mt. Makiling, we decided to schedule another hike but unfortunately only four of us pushed through because of certain instances.

Since I came from graveyard shift, we decided to hike in the afternoon for me to take some nap before hiking and planned to spend overnight at the peak. We then met at the mall in Araneta Cubao at around 12 noon. We spent approximately 3-4 hrs travel going to Rizal and to jump off point.
We started the trekking at around 6 o clock in the evening. I immediately felt the cool breeze while trekking and as expected from a muddy terrain all over the trail. Since we have decided to take a twin hike , our first trail is going to Mt. Cayabu. While trekking, a light rainfall started to pour, we didn’t mind the rain as long as our bags are secured. And at around 7:30 in the evening heavy rain started to pour but somehow we felt relieved because we can take a break from a tiring trekking.


We reached the peak of Mt. Cayabu at around 8 o clock in the evening and by that time we were all soaking wet from the rain and I got dirt all over because I slipped multiple times since I still use my running shoes. Because it’s already late, we continued trekking going to Mt. Maynoba after taking some photos. I personally felt more exhausted, maybe because I haven’t slept well.

Cayabu-Maynoba-04 Cayabu-Maynoba-05 Cayabu-Maynoba-02 Cayabu-Maynoba-03
We reached the first camping site of Mt. Maynoba before 10 o clock in the evening then we decided to pitch a tent and ate dinner. After dinner we decided to talk about anything from Filipino mythical creature and others. Clearly one of the good nights I had, sleeping under the million stars.

The next day, at around 5 o clock in the morning, we were all preparing for breakfast and were waiting for the famous Mt. Maynoba sea of clouds. I can tell you it was fascinating to see. It might not be perfect but worth it. After packing our things, we resumed the trek.

Cayabu-Maynoba-07 Cayabu-Maynoba-09 Cayabu-Maynoba-10 Cayabu-Maynoba-08 Cayabu-Maynoba-24 Cayabu-Maynoba-26 Cayabu-Maynoba-27

At around 11 o clock in the morning we reach the peak of Mt. Maynoba. It feels good to have achieved another mountain’s peak. After taking some photos, we decided to continue our trail going down to jump off point. At the trail you will greeted by more than 10 waterfalls. We took time and swam in some waterfalls to relieve our tired and exhausted body.

Cayabu-Maynoba-13 Cayabu-Maynoba-12 Cayabu-Maynoba-11 Cayabu-Maynoba-15 Cayabu-Maynoba-16 Cayabu-Maynoba-19 Cayabu-Maynoba-18 Cayabu-Maynoba-17 Cayabu-Maynoba-28 Cayabu-Maynoba-29 Cayabu-Maynoba-30 Cayabu-Maynoba-31

Cayabu-Maynoba-21 Cayabu-Maynoba-23 Cayabu-Maynoba-22 Cayabu-Maynoba-20

At around 3 o clock in the afternoon, we then reached the jump off point and took a rest before heading back to Metro Manila.

All in all, the experience was fun. I felt satisfied and happy though it’s quite tiring but the achievement is always there.

That’s it and it’s a wrap. Thanks for reading.

PS: Photo credit to Mr. Michael and Mr. Ronald.