What it feels like to live Metro Manila

Are you planning to live in Metro Manila for work? Here are tips for you and a few simple things of what you can expect.

I came from the small City of Olongapo and decided to try my luck to work in Makati. It’s been almost 3 years since then. I changed and experienced a lot, though the culture is somehow the same with my place, it has a different approach. Remember, plenty of the people in Metro Manila are from different provinces or places.

Photo by Blue Nozomi

Opportunity and the compensation

We all know that up to this moment the salary in the province and in the metro are not the same. There are so called provincial and Metro Manila rates, however, the government is doing things to change it but I don’t see the reforms in the near future.

And with that thought, the consequence is that the costs are much higher in Metro Manila than in the provinces. You need to be wise. In my circumstance, I don’t have a place where I can live or family relatives to stay at, so I am renting a so called “bedspace”. Basically, in one room there are either two double deck beds or three, it depends. On my part we are composed of five persons and the room has  three double deck beds.

Remember, renting a bed space is the cheapest, but it’s up to you because on the other hand, it is also dangerous and risky. You can’t trust everything. Even though there are people, caretaker, or landlord/landlady, that you can’t blame when things happen.

Here are the top three things you might want to consider doing:

  1. Be wise enough, don’t’ trust too much. Don’t trust everything from them, but make friends. Let them earn your trust. It’s your discretion but I can tell you, time will tell if he/she came be good/bad to you.
  2. Never leave any valuable Item (i.e. Laptop, phones etc.)  I don’t have too much gadget so it’s not that hard for me, but trust me I have heard of many cases of lost gadgets in our place and also in other places.
  3. Choose your circle of friends.

No one will help you

From waking up to doing your laundry, it is all your responsibility. I had a hard time doing all those stuff. I woke up late several times and I used to wear dirty clothes because I failed to do my laundry. Those simple things might stress you.

Time management is the key. In my case, I only have one rest day in a week so most of the time I spend it doing personal things like cleaning, laundry and others. But then I changed my routine through the years to at least enjoy my rest day. Most of the time, I do the laundry every other day and clean almost every day. It’s up to you but I can assure you it will help you.

Priorities and goals

You need to set them right. Ask yourself “What and why are you sacrificing?”, “For whom are you sacrificing?”, “And until when are you going to sacrifice?”.  I also struggled with those, selfishly thinking for myself when I moved here and almost everything I did is for my own benefit and for me that’s not right. Well, I’m still lucky to realize it early and still on my way to focus on my priorities which is my family in Olongapo and my goal is to help them. So better know it before screwing up.

Save money

I am guilty knowing that I don’t save much for myself. I crave for things I want to have and do. I bought expensive clothes and travel to places simultaneously and ended up suffering financially. I know what can happen but I decided to do it. I chose my “wants” instead of my “needs”. And I’m telling you this because I want you to learn from my mistakes and avoid doing this manner. Remember you must have a savings in your pocket. You will never know what will happen next. Here’s the formula I am following now.

Income  – Savings = Expenses

Decision making can and will play a big factor of your future.

Since day one up to now your decisions are the reason where you are right now. No one is to blame but yourself. Remember every scenario of your life needs a decision. Adulthood is the saddest and the happiest part of your life so make everything counts.

Choose to be happy and always have GOD in you.

Remember that moving from one place to another is a risk and a choice. Either it is abroad or out of town, at the end of the day it’s a matter of choice. It is your journey.  Be responsible enough for your own happiness, and always have GOD in you.

Good luck!